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Shelby County Government, Indiana
Where can I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate? 07/26/2012 1,015
How can I get a copy of my deed? 08/08/2012 975
How do I change the names on my deed? 08/08/2012 1,001
What information can you give me about an abandoned property? 08/08/2012 991
Where can I find if a property has any liens against it? 08/08/2012 949
What are your hours? 08/08/2012 944
Where are you located? 08/08/2012 921
How do I record a deed? 08/14/2012 923
Where can I obtain marriage or divorce information? 08/14/2012 972
Where can I get a map of the county? 08/14/2012 933
Where do I buy or renew a passport? 08/14/2012 918

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Pro Bono
I lost my job and have no income, can I qualify? 03/20/2012 1,107
My husband left me, he was the only one working and I have been a stay-at-home Mom, so I had to move in with my parents; can I qualify? 03/20/2012 1,042
Can I pick the attorney I want? 03/20/2012 1,064
How soon will I get my attorney? 03/20/2012 1,005
Why would the attorney refuse my case? 03/20/2012 1,030
I need emergency custody of my child and need legal advice? 03/20/2012 1,038
My son’s girlfriend wants to come to live with us; how can I get custody of her? 03/20/2012 1,069

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Public Defender Office
How do I get a public defender? 03/20/2012 1,067
How do I know who my public defender is? 03/20/2012 1,045
How do I contact my Public Defender? 03/20/2012 1,115
Can my spouse, parent, or best friend talk to my Public Defender for me? 03/20/2012 1,034
How can I get my conviction appealed? 03/20/2012 1,029
What do I do if I want to pursue an appeal of a plea agreement, file for a sentence modification or file a post conviction relief petition? 03/20/2012 1,051
IF YOU HAVE A CASE, Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your Attorney. 03/20/2012 1,069